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PoE Test Equipment for Electronic Equipment Manufacturers

PoE Tester Products

PoE Test Products

Choose between three PoE Tester Models whose main difference is Max Ethernet Speed, Power Per Port, and IEEE Specifications. Compare Models


Use PoE Test Equipment especially designed for functional production testing. Compare Testing Methods

IEEE 802.3bt Product

Learn more about the PoE5 100W Tester (meets the IEEE 802.3bt 2018 Standard). Learn More

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Top Reasons to Pick Reach PoE Testers:


Functional Production Testing: Test equipment designed for the job. More


US-Based Support: Put our knowledge, experience, and expertise on your team. More


One Year Warranty: Durability starts with the design, then each unit goes through a series of tests to ensure quality. PoE5 is the fourth-generation PoE Tester product to be built and delivered. More


Made in the USA: Designed and built for quality, availability, and fast support.  More


Proven Quality: Reach supplies PoE Test Equipment to the World’s Largest Data Switch Manufacturers and consistently receives high marks from customers who track incoming quality and field reliability. They tell us we are among their very best suppliers. More


Longevity: Reach has been designing and manufacturing cost-effective, production oriented test equipment for PoE applications since 2005.  In business 25+ years, on Inc.’s Fastest Growing Private Companies List, now part of Novanta Corporation. More